A letter to my father


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A letter to my father is a collection of letters written by girls . Contributions for this publication are drawn from letters which are collected from different communities which The Girl’s legacy works in. Its premise is to assert the voice of girls in writing and deepening their articulation on issues which are affecting their lives due to the rife patriarchal practices within our Zimbabwean culture. The issues highlighted within the booklets have been normalised in the day to day lives of girls and yet they are oppressive and detrimental to the full development of girls.

Against this background, the Girls’ Legacy with the support of the Canadian Local Initiatives Fund has published the first “A letter to my Father” in February 2017 to shape the narrative of the lived realities of girls as they bear the brunt of challenges which they are facing due to patriarchal dominance in society. This publication regrettably acknowledges that most sources of power which bring in transformation in our society are held by men. As is, the girls saw it fit to address their letters to diverse male symbols of patriarchy in different sectors so that they can compressively highlight how they are being affected by those challenges.

The Girls’ Legacy hopes that the publications will assert and amplify the voices of girls in demanding the kind of change they want for them to live dignified lives. Moreso, it is an advocacy tool that is reaching out to the different faces of leadership such as traditional chiefs, ministers, local government, religions leaders, the police and many more. Therefore, as we distribute the publications, the focus is to bring to the attention of policy makers the urgent issues which need to be addressed in the context of the concerns which the girls raised.