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Our Strategies

Our strategies focus on four areas of work: empowering girls; engaging with communities to understand and respond to local challenges for girls; working with local institutions to build partnerships and establish a referral system for service provision; and advocating with policymakers in partnership with other organizations to highlight the challenges girls face in achieving their rights.

We identify the obstacles facing girls and to systematically respond to each of those obstacles in our work, so that girls are able to make decisions about their own lives. The Girls Legacy assesses the different aspects of girls’ lives and environments, each of which needs to be addressed to improve girls’ lives. The Girls Legacy touches on the spheres of influence around each girl, and the factors that can facilitate her empowerment outside herself and make it possible for her to be the person she wants to be.


Girls Clubs

Each girl within the Girls Legacy attends club activities at least once a month in the different communities they reside in. They are guided by a trained coach who facilitates the clubs using the Girls By Girls manual, a guide for personal leadership development.


Each girl within the Girls Legacy attends up to 4 camps per year where they interact with other girls from different clubs, learn, share experience and enhance their team building skills.

Community Dialogues

As a form of interacting with family and the community, the Girls Legacy conducts community dialogues where discussions of issues affecting girls are discussed. This facilitates improved relationships and understanding of girls’ needs with the family and the community. Each club holds at least 4 dialogues per year

Referral system

Referral system for service provision: As a form of support the Girls Legacy through its clubs uses a referral system that identifies support the girls require and refers them to specific service providers for support. These include medical support such as health services, rape response, psychosocial support, legal support that includes provision of identity documents and educational support.

A Letter to my Father

The Girls legacy is pleased to bring to you a publication of a collection of nineteen letters written by girls. The title of the publication is A Letter to my Father. Contributions for the publication were drawn from 60 letters which were collected from the communities of Glen View, Chitungwiza and Domboshawa from the target groups which The Girl's legacy is working with as an organisation. Its premise is to assert the voice of girls in writing and deepening their articulation on issues which are affecting their lives due to the rife patriarchal practices within our Zimbabwean culture. The issues highlighted within the book have been normalised in the day to day lives of girls and yet they are oppressive and detrimental to the full development of girls.

Against this background, the Girls' Legacy with the support of the Canadian Local Initiatives Fund has published A letter to my Father to shape the narrative of the lived realities of girls as they bear the brunt of challenges which they are facing due to patriarchal dominance in society. This publication regrettably acknowledges that most sources of power which bring in transformation in our society are held by men. As is, the girls saw it fit to address their letters to diverse male symbols of patriarchy in different sectors so that they can compressively highlight how they are being affected by those challenges.

Introducing Zvipo

The Girls Legacy has developed an Iconic character in the name of “Zvipo”, a shona name meaning gifts. Zvipo is will play a communicative, empowering role for girls in schools and communities. Zvipo is a cartoon character depicting a beautiful black girl. The imagery is found on, bill boards and videos that are found in different spaces in the communities from schools, clinics, community centres and other media. Images play a significant role in redefining social education, power and hierarchies as well as building counter culture praxis.