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The Girls' Legacy

Envisioning a world where girls lead the lives they desire.

The Girls Legacy was established in 2007 and registered as a Trust in 2012. The organization seeks to invest in young women’s education and leadership through responding to their practical needs, providing mentorship and enabling them to form networks amongst themselves. These networks form a club system which is run by girls themselves in different communities. The premise of the clubs is to create learning hubs for girls through a holistic approach that facilitates interpersonal and intra-personal empowerment
for the girls.

Advocate and lobby for young women and girls to access their full rights

The desired impact is the empowerment of girls in every sphere of their lives. Achieving this will require achieving our desired outcomes at all levels: individual, community, environmental, and policy. The impact is reflected in the behaviour change in the girls themselves that can be noted once the girls are able to make decisions in any sphere of their lives. For the Girls Legacy to endorse that the girls are living the desired lives/ empowered lives, there will also be a need for the communities to change their behaviour as well towards the girls which will endorse acceptable social norms that impact positively on the girls.
Our Commitment

Facilitating the empowerment of young women and girls

The Girls Legacy has demonstrated its commitment to putting individual girls at the centre of its work. As part of the community, families play a key role in facilitating the emancipation of girls and young women. Engaging families makes them aware of the harmful impact of gender-based violence on their daughters and opens their eyes to alternatives for girls. It gives families an opportunity to listen to the voices of girls and provide support so that the girls can achieve their full potential.

Working in partnership with other organizations, The Girls Legacy contributes to advocacy with policymakers. We share the issues the girls raise and elevate their experiences to inform policy discussions conducted by legislators.

Building the capacity of young women and girls in Zimbabwe throughleadership development.